We Provide Australia with portable bulkheads/chiller boards and thermal pallet coversheavy duty load restraint equipment, cargo protection products and safety gear needs.

Insulated Pallet Cover

Suitable for both hot and cool temperature smoothing providing superior insulation properties. Fits standard pallets with a drop length of 1.5m. 20mm bubble sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium foil.

Chiller Boards

Any successful “multi-temp” trailer set-up system uses insulated barriers. These products are used to create multi-temp zones in your trailer. Zones provide protection needed for temperature sensitive cargo.

Shoring Bars

Bars can be used for horizontal and vertical applications. One end of the bar is spring loaded so that the bar is easily locked into place.

PVC Strip Curtains for Coolroom, Freeezers & Entries

Our PVC clear plastic strip curtains are light-weight and can easily be installed. An economical strip barrier system with low maintenance costs. If you need to isolate or separate the area while controlling the temperature yet still providing visibility, our clear plastic strips would provide you just that!

Ratchet Tie-Down with Hook & Keeper

The adjustable strap tension holds down the load providing maximum load protection and security when in transit.

F-Track Ratchet Tie-Down

Want something that does the job of a shoring bar, but don’t like the weight and bulk of one? Why not try the F-Track Ratchet Tie-Down as a shoring bar replacement.

Metal Strip Container Seals

The EnaStrip 1 Metal is a fixed length seal with a high breaking strength locking mechanism. The stainless steel strap can withstand harsh handling during shipment operations.