PVC Strip Curtains



Our PVC strip curtains are lightweight and easily installed. This is an economical strip barrier system with low maintenance costs. If you need to isolate or separate an area while controlling the temperature and still provide visibility, our pvc strip curtains will deliver just that! With any sized project we can guarantee environmental protection for your employees and goods. Whether the curtains are used as an energy/weather control mechanism or to control dust, insects or other airborne contaminants, our clear strip doors will assist in providing the necessary protective barrier. Fleximake PVC strip curtains are used for following applications.
  • Cool rooms
  • Freezers
  • Food processing
  • Refrigerated Trucks
  • Retail shops
  • Clean rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Factories and Workshops


Features of Fleximake PVC Strip Curtains

Flexible PVC Strips

Fleximake utilizes high quality flexible industrial grade PVC strips for all of our curtains. PVC strips are manufactured using an extrusion process that results in rounded edges. This process eliminates sharp edges which makes it safe for your employees. Fleximake can offer various types of PVC strips to suit your application requirements such as temperature range, width and thickness. Typical dimensions of our PVC strips are as follows.

Temperature Range-40°C to +70°C

Strip Curtain Mounting Systems

Fleximake strip curtain mounting hardware offer you a robust solution for your curtain application. These hardware are designed and manufactured to allow fast installation and last long in arduous conditions such as high traffic flow and wet environment.

  • Mounting Track with Hinged Cover

The mounting tracks are made of Anodised Aluminium for a durable smooth neutral finish. Stainless steel fixing hardware are used to secure PVC strips to the track. This material selection helps prevent corrosion in wet environments and allows easy maintenance. In addition, tracks are fitted with hinged cover for improved hygiene and a better appearance. PVC strips are fixed to the track using stainless steel hardware complete with large washers. These large washers allow for a larger contact area at the mounting point and greatly reduces risk of tearing.

  • Stainless steel hook-on track system

These tracks and hook-on assemblies are made out of stainless steel for corrosion prevention in wet environments. Hooks on the track are designed for easy insertion and removal of the Strip curtains. Strip curtains can be removed from the track and easily cleaned for hygiene. The hook-on track system can be installed on walls as well as ceilings.

Fleximake Ribbed Strip Curtains

We also manufacture ribbed PVC strip curtains which are longitudinal in nature, that provides a series of benefits. For instance, the first point of contact of any object to the curtain, (i.e., trolleys, forklifts, etc.) will be the ribs, which reduce the impact on the curtain directly. This also means, that the ribs improve the overall strength and the lifespan of the PVC curtains.
The ribbed curtains are a great solution for high traffic, temperature-controlled environments. The ribs on the curtains increase the overall thickness providing more of a stable and durable solution. Along with that, the ribbed strip curtains also prevent from sticking to each other in damped environments, while allowing easy access from room to room.


Temperature Range-40°C to +70°C

Fleximake after sales support

Our manufacturing facility is located in Melbourne Australia, operating for over 10 years. We are committed to provide after sales support to our customers. We can supply you with replacement PVC strips and mounting hardware for your existing Fleximake PVC strip curtain to extend life of your investment.

What we need from you to provide you an obligation free quotation:

(1) Photos of the opening(s) where you are looking for installing the curtains
(2) Dimensions of the opening(s). We are happy to provide guidelines on how to measure.
We can supply you a kit with pre-cut tracks, pre-cut and pre punched PVC strips and fixing hardware to suit your project that allows you to install the strip curtain easily and economically.
We also provide onsite measurement and installation services in Melbourne area (VIC) – please contact us for details!

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