Portable Spill Bunds



Fleximake manufactures state of the art flexible bund solutions for containing spill of fuel and other hazardous substances. Our collapsible spill bunds (also known temporary spill berms) are an economical solutionfor spill control that can be deployed in a very short time. Our portable bunds help you comply with stringent environmental regulations and standards such as AS3780 for safe storage and handling of corrosive substances. We have a large range of fabric materials available to suit your hazardous cargo’s chemical properties. Our collapsible, drive-into bunds can be used as a portable wash bay for vehicles and to collect any spill during maintenance and refuelling. Fleximake portable and collapsible bund solution can be used for spill control in the following applications

  • Bunds for fuel storage
  • Bunds for oil storage
  • Bunds for chemical storage
  • Storage of hazardous and corrosive substance
  • Containment bunds for drum storage areas
  • Wash bay for trucks and other vehicles
  • Drive-on, drive-off fuel transfer bunds for refuelling of vehicles and machinery
  • Maintenance of vehicles and machineries
  • Control spills during repair and maintenance of oil transformers
  • Bunds for temporary power generators to contain oil and fuel leaks
  • Bunds for compressors to contain oil and fuel leaks
  • Bunds for containing spills in fuel pumps
  • Bunds for forklifts and movable machineries
  • Bunds for leaky Vehicles
  • Bunds for pallets and IBCs storage
  • Features of Fleximake Portable Spill Bunding Solution

    Heavy Duty Industrial Fabric Materials

    We manufacture our spill bunds from strong, durable, heavy duty materials suitable for harsh environments in commercial, mining and industrial applications. We have spill bunds manufactured from a range of different materials that are best suited to your application. The typical fabric materials that are used for manufacturing our spill containment bunds are listed in the table below. Please download datasheet file for properties and fluid resistance guidelines.

    Fabric materialg/m2(gsm)Data sheet and Fluid resistance guide
    RPVC900Please download datasheet
    RPVC1400Please download datasheet
    RPVC1680Please download datasheet
    ER10001000Please download datasheet
    XR51100Please download datasheet
    TPU1230Please download datasheet

    If applicable fluid does not list in the above fluid resistance guideline datasheets or if the data is not clear to you, please contact us in order to select a suitable material for your spill bund. We select the most economical material suitable for your need considering liquid characteristics and whether it is a temporary or a long term bund.

    Ease of use

    Fleximake portable bunds are designed and manufactured to allow you to deploy the bund rapidly. Spill bund comes in one piece with no lose parts and no joining or assembly is required, you just need to unfold and erect the sides of the bund. This makes it ideal for emergency containment jobs. Collapsible side walls and tough fabric materials mean that you can drive your vehicle or machinery into the bund easily. Fleximake spill bunds can be easily cleaned after use. They are foldable, light weight therefore, can be transported and stored conveniently.

    Robust and durable

    Fleximake Portable spill bunds are designed and manufactured to be robust and durable. We apply UV resistance fabric materials for all our spill bunds to minimise the UV degradation. Walls and corners of our spill bunds are reinforced with heavy duty fibre glass rods that allow the bunds to be sturdy once erected. All the seams of Fleximake spill bunds are fusion welded using cutting edge plastic welding machines for guaranteed 100% sealing and for strength. If required we can include eyelets for pegging down on to soft grounds. The fabric material used for our bunds are heavy duty, abrasion and puncture resistant, high in tensile strength therefore suitable for deploy on rough surfaces. Fleximake can provide optional protective ground sheet if the surface contains sharper objects.

    Standard Collapsible Spill Bunds

    Fleximake manufactures a wide range of standard collapsible and portable spill containment bunds for various applications. The wall height of our standard portable bunds are 300mm. Details of our standard bunds are listed in the table below

    Model NoLength X Width Capacity(Litres)Fabric MaterialApplication examples
    FMSB1313P91.3m x 1.3m507 LRPVC 900gsmTo store 1 IBC or 1 Pallet
    FMSB1313P141.3m x 1.3m507 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB1313ER1.3m x 1.3m507 LER1000
    FMSB1313XR1.3m x 1.3m507 LXR5
    FMSB1613P91.6m x 1.3m624 LRPVC 900gsm
    FMSB1613P141.6m x 1.3m624 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB1613ER1.6m x 1.3m624 LER1000
    FMSB1613XR1.6m x 1.3m624 LXR5
    FMSB1616P91.6m x 1.6m768 LRPVC 900gsm
    FMSB1616P141.6m x 1.6m768 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB1616ER1.6m x 1.6m768 LER1000
    FMSB1616XR1.6m x 1.6m768 LXR5
    FMSB2613P92.6m x 1.3m1014 LRPVC 900gsmTo store 2 IBCs or 2 Pallets
    FMSB2613P142.6m x 1.3m1014 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB2613ER2.6m x 1.3m1014 LER1000
    FMSB2613XR2.6m x 1.3m1014 LXR5
    FMSB2020P92.0m x 2.0m1200 LRPVC 900gsm
    FMSB2020P142.0m x 2.0m1200 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB2020ER2.0m x 2.0m1200 LER1000
    FMSB2020XR2.0m x 2.0m1200 LXR5
    FMSB2626P92.6m x 2.6m2028 LRPVC 900gsmTo store 4 IBCs or 4 Pallets
    FMSB2626P142.6m x 2.6m2028 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB2626ER2.6m x 2.6m2028 LER1000
    FMSB2626XR2.6m x 2.6m2028 LXR5
    FMSB2816P92.8m x 1.6m1344 LRPVC 900gsm
    FMSB2816P142.8m x 1.6m1344 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB2816ER2.8m x 1.6m1344 LER1000
    FMSB2816XR2.8m x 1.6m1344 LXR5
    FMSB2828P92.8m x 2.8m2352 LRPVC 900gsm
    FMSB2828P142.8m x 2.8m2352 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB2828ER 2.8m x 2.8m2352 LER1000
    FMSB2828XR 2.8m x 2.8m2352 LXR5
    FMSB3232P93.2m x 3.2m3072 LRPVC 900gsm
    FMSB3232P143.2m x 3.2m3072 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB3232ER 3.2m x 3.2m3072 LER1000
    FMSB3232XR 3.2m x 3.2m3072 LXR5
    FMSB5224P9 5.2m x 2.4m 3744 LRPVC 900gsmTo store 8 IBCs or 8 Pallets
    FMSB5224P145.2m x 2.4m 3744 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB5224ER 5.2m x 2.4m3744 LER1000
    FMSB5224XR 5.2m x 2.4m3744 LXR5
    FMSB6030P9 6.0m x 3.0m 5400 LRPVC 900gsmTo park a car
    FMSB6030P146.0m x 3.0m 5400 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB6030ER 6.0m x 3.0m5400 LER1000
    FMSB6030XR 6.0m x 3.0m5400 LXR5
    FMSB8040P98.0m x 4.0m 9600 LRPVC 900gsmTo store ISO tank or 20 foot container
    FMSB8040P148.0m x 4.0m 9600 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB8040ER 8.0m x 4.0m9600 LER1000
    FMSB8040XR 8.0m x 4.0m9600 LXR5
    FMSB10036P910.0m x 3.6m10,800 LRPVC 900gsm
    FMSB10036P1410.0m x 3.6m10,800 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB10036ER 10.0m x 3.6m10,800 LER1000
    FMSB10036XR 10.0m x 3.6m10,800 LXR5
    FMSB15040P915.0m x 4.0m 18,000 LRPVC 900gsmTo store 40 foot container
    FMSB15040P1415.0m x 4.0m 18,000 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB15040ER 15.0m x 4.0m18,000 LER1000
    FMSB15040XR 15.0m x 4.0m18,000 LXR5
    FMSB15060P915.0m x 6.0m27,000 LRPVC 900gsm
    FMSB15060P1415.0m x 6.0m27,000 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB15060ER 15.0m x 6.0m27,000 LER1000
    FMSB15060XR 15.0m x 6.0m27,000 LXR5
    FMSB18030P918.0.0m x 3.0m 16,200 LRPVC 900gsmTo park a truck
    FMSB18030P1418.0.0m x 3.0m 16,200 LRPVC 1400gsm
    FMSB18030ER 18.0.0m x 3.0m16,200 LER1000
    FMSB18030XR 18.0.0m x 3.0m16,200 LXR5

    Custom Designed Spill Bund Solutions

    Fleximake can provide you a tailor made solution to perfectly fit your spill bund application. We can manufacture spill bunds to fit any shape and size you require. In addition we can provide a solution with the following options.

  • Foam walls for the spill bunds instead of collapsible wall (also known as spill mats)
  • Inflatable walls instead of collapsible walls
  • Drain fittings
  • Eyelets or tie points for securing the bund
  • Sacrificial Ground sheet or anti abrasion mat
  • Bund internal floor protectors
  • Carry bags for portable bunds
  • Higher walls, example:- 500mm high walls
  • We can manufacture very large collapsible spill bund systems and spill containment bund liners for your application. Please contact us with your requirement.

    Fleximake service and after sales support

    Our manufacturing facility is located in Melbourne Australia, operating for over 10 years. We are committed to provide repair service and after sales support to all our customers. We can repair your existing portable spill containment bunds to help you save money even if they are from other manufacturers’. Please contact us with the details of the damaged bunds.

    What we need from you to provide you an obligation free quotation

  • Required capacity and/or dimensions of the spill bund
  • Application and type of liquid
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