Portable bulkheads/Chiller Boards



Any successful “multi-temp” trailer set-up system uses insulated barriers. These products are used to create multi-temp zones in your trailer. Zones provide protection needed for temperature sensitive cargo. Companies increase efficiency and profits by cutting down on spoilage or melting in. The insulated barrier is the ideal solution for transporting frozen, refrigerated, and/or dry products. Chiller Boards are known as freezer boards, freezer bunks, chiller bunks, load separators, temperature separators and cargo temperature separators. You can choose chiller boards from our any of our high quality designs, universal or flexible fit design. We also offer custom designs to meet your specifications and each trailer’s unique build. Equipment includes rugged, easy to install two piece track mount and tether systems.

We manufacture the best chiller boards with following features:

  • Thermally efficient
  • Custom made and choice of thickness
  • Numerous colors
  • No steel, nuts, bolts, fasteners (No heat transfer and No product damage)
  • Heavy duty base
  • Repairable
  • Customer Logo
  • Air fleed vents
  • Fan holes

    3 Piece Chiller Board





  • Our exciting new chiller board concept
  • Three piece boards with Hinged (Full Height) Door
  • Same quality as always
  • Same weight as previous
  • Your choice of colors
  • Fully Portable
  • Fully Insulated
  • Makes your multi compartment vehicle “walk through”

    We also repair any portable bulkheads/chiller boards; all sizes and shapes. We will first inspect the damage and if repairable, we will provide you with an obligation free quote first! No need to purchase a new board every single time.


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