Freezer Mats


Our freezer mats gives you the opportunity to carry various temperature cargos in the one trailer. Each set of freezer mats are custom made to suit the exact dimensions of your trailer and form an airtight seal on all sides.
All mats have an internal fibreglass upright to allow mats to bend, but constantly return to a perpendicular position.
Various handle configurations are available which lets you free stand the chiller boards and not rest them against cargo.
Restraining straps can be fitted so mats can be held against sidewall when not in use.

Our Freezer Mats Features

  • Custom made in Australia.
  • Have High thermal efficiency.
  • Your choice of colors.
  • No steel nuts, bolts etc. (No heat transfer, no cargo damage).
  • Fully waterproof welded outer PVC skin.
  • All customer logos, etc. stencilled on.
  • Fully repairable construction.
  • Adjustable air bleed vent on request.
  • Fan mounting holes on request.
  • We also repair any portable chiller boards; all sizes and shapes. We will first inspect the damage and if repairable, we will provide you with an obligation free quote first! No need to purchase a new freezer mats every single time.

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