First Aid Kit

The K111 Car First Aid Kit is for one or two people, who are within one hour of medical attention, and who suffer minor injuries. It provide assistance with: Wounds, Grazes, Abrasions, Scratches, Cuts, Splinters, Punctures, Strains, Sprains, Tears, Bruises, Dislocations, Fractures, Scalds, Burns, Eye Injury, Exposure to Cold or Heat. Included is the First Aid Kits Australia Basic Hints Guide with information on: CPR, Choking, Shock, Bleeding, Heart Attack, Stroke, Vital Signs, Allergies, Head Injuries, Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, Venomous Bites and Stings, Poisoning. Specifications Dimensions: L: 19cm x W: 13.5cm x H: 6.8cm